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Emerging Technology Training, Research, Development and Implementation Guidance
Helping Companies on the effect of, and Startups in the field of
Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data (Analytics)

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Our Services

We provide various services to help companies of all sizes to be prepared for upcoming technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data.
These range from training to indepth research to company coaching, from start up to corporate!

Key note speaking

Emerging Horizons' founder Olivier Rikken is a well known and much asked key note speaker in the field of emerging technologies with a specialization in Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and Governance

Indepth research

We provide indepth research to new technologies like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence and their impact on business and industry models. Ranging from investigating business possibilities of these technologies for your company to research on effective governance of new technologies.

Free online knowledge sharing

Through interactive webinars and videos we share state of the art knowledge and interesting technological developments to anyone who wants to join. Topics can range from technical questions, to business impact, to various companies in the respective fields presenting themselves.

Training and Business Consultancy

We provide multiple training in various technologies like Blockchain. From introduction into the various technologies, to business impact of these technologies, to indepth technical trainings as well.


We coach both start ups direcly or via various incubator programs like YES!Delft on how to build their business using these new technologies and boards of existing companies on the impact of these new technologies on their business.

Investor - Startup Matching

Using our extensive network, and close contact with both investors and start ups, we help investors (VC's, angel investors) in finding the most interesting start ups in the emerging technology (blockchain, AI) space. On the other hand, we help start ups in preparing how to present their company and ideas to investors.


Emerging Horizons was founded by Olivier Rikken in 2019, one of the international recognized leaders in the field of Blockchain.
The philosophy of Emerging Horizons is that all advise towards the impact of new technologies should be founded on either fundamental research or hands-on experience and an evenly good advise is that new technologies won't work for your business.

Fundamental Research

Fundamental research with regards to impact of new technologies is key. Being a PhD candidate on Blockchain Governance and holding 2 master degrees, Olivier Rikken leads by example in this.

Hands-on Experience

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. What could work in theory, might not in practice. So hands on experience is key in exploring new technologies and their impact. So besides fundamental research, we work on our own prototypes and implementations to see the practical impact.

Be honest when it won't work

Too many times people want to ride the hype of a new technology. We are, besides evangalist, also the biggest critics if certain technologies will have an added value to your business. If not we will not hesitate to tell you so!

Our Experience

We offer our services with regards to various emerging technologies. We can give introductions in all emerging tech, but can
deliver indepth knowledge in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Here you find an overview of our experience in this field.

Watch Our Intro to Smart Contracts Video

Smart Contracts are a perfect example of much hyped and poorly understood by many. Here you can find an hour video elaborating on Smart Contracts.

Pricing Table

We offer free, standardized and variable pricings for our various products and services.


€ Free
  • Our Webinars and Videos
  • Weekly 15-45 minutes
  • Subscribe here for upcoming Webinars
  • Open to anyone


€ Fixed p/d
  • Inhouse training sessions
  • Groups up to 12 persons
  • Tech impact workshops
  • Determine impact of tech on your business

On demand

€ On Request
  • Indepth Research Reports
  • Company Emerging Tech Coaching
  • Implementation Guiding
  • Investor-Startup Matching

Our Team

Our team exists of driven professionals who are acknowledged experts in their respective fields.

Olivier Rikken MSc MBA

CEO & Founder

Recent Publications

We (co-)authored multiple publications.
The list of publications can be found here!


Smart Contracts

Full report can be downloaded here

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Legal Aspects of Blockchain

Book can be downloaded here

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